Friday, March 11, 2011

Danielle's Learning Station.. and so it begins

Today is March 11, 4 days after visiting Danielle's Learning Station; preschool.  There I met Addie, Rowen, Avery, Madeline, Zachery, and Abigail.  Ranging in ages from 5-3 years old, I knew this was going to be a VERY exciting time!

Let me just start by saying, Avery; Buddy, if there was an award for most enthusiastic, you would win.. HANDS DOWN! But honestly, those kids were so incredibly thrilled.  However, I don't know who had more fun.. me or them!  Everything from showing off their hand-decorated aprons (see above) to learning about kiwi's and llama's to using those lovely little imaginations to creatively make the yummiest Snake-Pockets ever!  (Just ask Miss. Danielle.. she really enjoyed hers)

Here is an overview of the class and some wonderful shots Miss. Sassy captured for us! Thank You Sassy!!  She did a wonderful job, and I've got to figure out a way to get her in on some pictures at our next class, she's so Cute!

Addie and Madeline getting crafty
We started out making our Snake-Pockets (see left) Addie and Madeline were having an Awesome time!

Here's what we did:

Preheat oven to 375*
One can of crescent rolls
Roll out the crescent roll as big as you like and fill it with diced meat and cheese (we used Turkey and colby/jack)
Pinch the edges together so nothing is falling out
Roll back and forth and shape a head and tapering down to a tail.
Wisk 1 egg per color you are using in separate bowls and add 3 drops of coloring
Use paintbrush (clean) to "paint" the snake
Place in Pre-heated oven 13 min.

**as a side note, we have also connected all the crescent rolls together and made 1 LARGE snake a family dish and it turned out really cool**

Here are a few more pictures of the kiddos working on their snakes =)

Abigail was so well-mannered and although the youngest one there, she was an awesome listener, always waiting for the next set of directions

Here is Addie and her snake... WOW, here snake was sooo long, it wouldn't even fit on her plate!  Way to go!!  I'm still trying to figure out how she did it!

Avery is totally relaxed and deep in concentration, painting his snake.

Snakes are Done!  YUMMY!!!

Here we are working on our fruit salad.  We had apples and kiwi, bananas, grapes, and yummy strawberries.  Zachary was really interested in those kiwi's.. their reaction to the first peel coming off, revealing that bright green juicy kiwi inside was awesome!  I heard an exclamation.. "IT's GreeEEEeeeN!!  Love it!  This is precisely the excitement I was hoping to achieve by starting these classes.  Kids really do love working with food!

We topped it all off with some yummy Mouth-Bubblin OJ

I think I can speak for the kids when I say, this class was a Total Success and I can't wait to see them Again!

Check out the Video Below!

And as well, if you would like to purchase any of the curious chef products shown, let me know.. I am offering a 25% off discount through the month of April!

Visit my website for more information on classes or to contact Lady Llama to schedule a class

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The count-down has begun!

I can't believe how time has flown this month!  What a whirlwind it has been, but all for good..
It has all been leading up to March 1, 2011; the start of my business.  I pray it will go well, but I'm also afraid that it will.  The support from my friends and family has been phenomenal, and they know me so well.. I just don't know how to fail.  This entire experience thus far has shown they may be right, but honestly I'm a little nervous.  It may be a business to grow slow and steady, or it may just take off and make my head spin. LOL  I have a picture in my mind now of what that may look like, its pretty funny. =) 

I hope I can work hard and make my family very proud and bring all glory to God in my efforts to bring an income to our growing family.

Here's where we are at in things:
Several small things not worth mentioning because they will take about as much time to do them as it did to type this sentence.. lol
I will be ordering my business cards today
Making mine and Sassy's Costumes this week (they are SO Freaking Cute!!)
Making Fliers for the class and a Template for the After-class take-home flier
Finish up Sub-site Kidz as Cooks

WOW we sure have come a long way!  So Thrilled to be almost done with it all, and its all self-funded so no new business loans to pay off, which is HUGE!!

The website is finally ready to be released (I'm still working on the site for Kidz as Cooks, but this will be a good start).. go take a look!
And don't forget to "LIKE IT"

Be sure to tell your friends about me and I'm still putting together a Mach-cooking class for a week from Saturday, if you know of any 5-12 yr. olds that would like to come participate, contact me for more info.

Grab a Kid and Get Cooking!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Coming along...

Here is our Logo, I may do a little outlining on the letters when it is all said and done, but for now I am satisfied. 

microphone cupcakes for the "Diva Dance Party"
I haven't posted much lately, things have been soooo busy.  My Lena-bug turned 8 and we don't just celebrate the birthday.. it has to be the "birth-week"!!  We made cupcakes and cookie cake and strawberry cheese-cake (she decided to mix it up a bit).  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the Cheese-cake but it was lovely and gone Quickly!!

Ok, back to business...
With the business plan done and out of the way, and the first class booked I really need to take a look at what is left to be done.  Here is what we I have left to accomplish:

1. We purchased the 2 websites I will be using and (they aren't done yet, so you can't go there quite yet)  Let's see if I can add a screen-shot for you and give you a little sneak preview...YAY it works! >>>>>>>>>
There is still quite a bit to do on the site, but learning how to build the site was super complicated and that part is under control now, so I estimate having it complete and "unleashed" by Friday {fingers crossed}.  If you'll notice is my main site, and will be a sub-site, but there you can see the logo/link for it on the left (the giant chef hat probably gave it away)

2. Business Cards
Since I am working mainly under Crafty Llama Productions, the card will have my blue llama on it instead of the chef hat.  I am ordering the cards this week!

3. Fliers and Advertisements
I may or may-not have someone else design these.  It just depends on how I'm doing for time.
4. Costumes
I'm purchasing the supplies after I meet with Sassy on Wednesday and hope to have them sewn and ready to go by end of next week.
5. Insurance, still haven't done this yet... I really need to get on it, but to be honest I am pretty burnt out on paperwork after working on the business plan and website.

All in all I think it is safe to say that it is coming together nicely and should be ready for business in March.  I'm very excited!!  So excited; in-fact, I bought tapioca pudding just for me!  LOL

Be sure to contact me if you are in the KC Metro area to reserve a spot in a Free class towards the end of February for your little Alpaca as a test group and to appear on the website (video).  They must be at least 3 years old to participate. 
Thank you for all of your support!!

Grab a Kid and Get Cooking!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ready.. Set.. Here we GO!

I'm literally off to the races now..

Our Grand-Opening is scheduled for March 2011!!  I'm so Excited! 

(Although I am going to continue gathering market research material, there is no reason we cannot push forward. )

Here is what has been going on this past week in preparations for the Grand-Opening:
After much work I feel good about my business-plan and the lay-out of the company.  The expectations I now how for myself as well as my assistants is very clear and put in place in a way that will encourage maximum Fun and minimum stress.. so in other words, AWESOME!  =)  The entire company is self-funded, which is a big deal because that means I don't have the joys of paying off debt for the first couple of years while getting established. 
Last week I did finally decide on my character and costume for that.  ( I will post pictures once it is completed) I am "Lady Llama" and my assistant is Sabrina (who we will lovingly refer to) as "Sassy Mouse". 

Sabrina is a being home schooled by another wonderful entrepreneur mommy.  She is 15 and also taking classes at the local community college while continuing her Home school High-School curriculum.  She is so fit for this position, as she is a natural with children and has shown a level of maturity and responsibility at home as well as in the community.  She also shares my love of cooking, which makes us quite a pair together.

My very talented and professional artist, and brother Matthew Fox who also teaches art classes for a local dance/art school Culture House located in Olathe, KS is working on the design aspect for our logo.
And I have narrowed down the layout of our take-home and advertisement fliers.

Looking back at last week, I didn't feel like much was accomplished, but Oh my Goodness!!  We are in pretty good shape now!

Our first booking, and test group is tentatively scheduled for the first week of March, which forced me (its a good thing) to set a solid routine for the class.  Here is how we will work:

Groups of 3-12 children (we can accommodate for larger groups with notice)
In the days before my arrival for class a package will be delivered to the day-care/preschool/group containing aprons and decorating supplies for the children to personalize and wear for the class. (they of course will be keeping these and taking them home as an encouragement to continue cooking at home with mom and dad)
A felt board in the shape of a Llama will be posted for children to assemble puzzle-pieces to show what step we are on in the food-making process.
A whistle will sound at the end of each step, notifying us to place the next puzzle piece.
At the completion of the cooking class, we will spend the cool-off time we will clean up and then be able to feast on our creations!!
On the following Friday a package will be delivered to the day-care/preschool/group with an edited DVD showing our class and a Take-home flier containing the recipe and web-address to follow the classes and view the class on-line.

Here is my to-do list (updated):
Complete costume
Llama Puzzle Board

So close I can almost "taste" it!!

Join me in my journey, and if you are local and have a 3-8 year old would like to participate in a free class/demonstration, contact me and we'll work out the details.  Also, if you have or know of other homeschooling teens locally who would like to work part-time as a fill-in for Sassy Mouse let me know!!

Grab a Kid and Get Cooking!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Survey Says....

 Today I'm working on market research... very exciting, I know. 

Well, that and sewing diapers.  You may or may not find that more exciting. LOL

If you would like to take part in my survey for market research I would GREATLY Appreciate it.  Just copy and past this link into your browser and answer the questions. 

 Quick and Painless. 

Thank you so much for your support in my continued journey.